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The second of two
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In Bed With A. Mann
"Part 2 - Post Referendum"

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Welcome to the Trouser Press Web-Site

Trouser Press was established in 1989. It is a small British publishing company, set up by Mel Rees.

Mel Rees was born in 1947 and lived in Battersea, South London, until he was 21 years of age. He married and moved to Ash Vale, Surrey, where he continues to live. He is the father of three children, managed to get rid of two, any suggestions for disposal of the third greatly appreciated!!

Having written his first semi-autobiographical book in 1989 (written under the pseudonym Anthony Mann) he was unable to find a publisher. Taking the bull by the horns he decided to create "TROUSER PRESS".

In addition to being a writer Mel is also available for talks and is a regular speaker to women's groups, clubs, etc. within the south-east. Several talks are available:

"Brought to Book - My Family and Other Setbacks!"
"Brought to Book Too - Thats Life!"
"And Another Thing I Meant to Say.....!";
"You'll Never Believe It But.....!";
"A Funny Thing Happened On The Way.....!"

The talks are a light-hearted look at life, snobbery, children who won't leave home and mothers who will live long beyond your own life-expectancy. They last from 40 minutes to one hour but may be tailored to suit your own requirements.

Fees are negotiable. Contact us for further information.

Since its inception, Trouser Press has, in the last twenty-odd years, published five books, all of which have been successfully sold through leading bookshops such as WH Smiths, Waterstones and many independent bookstores. The latest book "Last Mann Standing" was published in March 2010, in which Mel continues to enlighten his readers with witty comment on our world. In April 2012 the latest talking book "It's A MANN Thing" was released upon an unsuspecting public! At the same time the previous talking books were re-pressed (as opposed to being repressed).

animationMost of the humour found in his books results from observations of life, linked with the absurd, the over-stated and the self-delusions of those who control our everyday lives - from the hunting of animals with dogs, vivisection, the wholesale destruction of our countryside, to the fortunes of Aldershot Football Club. It's all here - and less!

The seven titles currently in the Trouser Press collection are:

From Where I Sit
As I Was Saying
The Further Thoughts of Chair Mann
The Club
Last Mann Standing
In Bed With A Mann - Part 1
In Bed With A Mann - Part 2

To find out more, take a look at the Titles page.

I've been dragged screaming and shouting into the digital age and you may now order and pay online using PayPal (which includes a credit/debit card facility at the PayPal site). Use the shopping buttons on the Titles page to place your order.

Not content with putting pen to paper you can now hear the latest news, views and comments from Anthony Mann on CD.

animationFrom the overstated to the understaffed

Law and order, Asylum, Compensation and Fox Hunting (Still!!)

160 minutes (approx.) of unadulterated humour

A MANN AT LAST - He gets it off YOUR chest!

A MANN FOR ALL REASONS - More musings on our mad world!

IT'S A MANN THING - Free from the shackles of politically correct restraint!

...... W A R N I N G ......

Enter this site only if you wish to be highly entertained.
These books are seriously funny!

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