animationFrom Where I Sit

What the papers say:

WH Smith's Bookcase Magazine - Book of the Month

"It's not often that a book comes along that's so totally original that it has us hurrying to spread the word, but Anthony Mann's "From Where I Sit" is just one of these.... Set to become a humour classic. Hilarious, candid, refreshing and downright infuriating, Anthony Mann's ironic style captures all that's best - and worst - with suburban England. This is the find of the year. Demand this book and ensure the survival of Aldershot Mann".

Wandsworth Borough News

"For the author, the year starts with a neat swipe at Eddie (The Eagle) Edwards - remember him? A commendable go at supermarket cashiers and a lengthy account of getting his car through its MOT. By June he is well into his stride, savaging Rottweiller owners, drink drivers and teachers with equal enthusiasm. September is the turn of mobile phone users, the Duchess of York and the bloody EC.

Anyone who has propped up the bar in a hostelry, having a go at the Tories, Labour Party, Paddy Ashdown, council planners, social workers, Lord Longford and architects will be in their seventh heaven".

Croydon Advertiser

"This 'Mann for All Seasons' describes his daily life, tales of the past and his serious and humerous thoughts of life, the universe and everything. The book is stuffed full of enough "" jokes and remarks to drive one mad. I wish I could say I hated it, I really tried, but it made me laugh. If you're the type who enjoys throwing sponge 'bricks' at the telly, and advocates the death penalty for medics who use animals in research, then here is a kindred spirit. The book's worth every penny, but liberals with a heart condition beware!"

As I Was Saying ....animation

What the papers say:

Surrey Advertiser

"Anthony Mann is courageous enough to write what most of us think, but never dare say too loudly. This is another hilarious ramble through life's petty bureaucracies. Anthony's irreverent commentary on the ridiculous, the unjust and the frankly disgraceful might not be to everyone's taste, but for this reviewer, who has no hesitation in recommending it, the book raised a smile, a chuckle, and frequently a guffaw".

Croydon Advertiser

"Anthony Mann is someone who is dedicated to brightening our solemn times as much as he can. In the pursuit of such a worthy aim he has written a sequel to a book which received a warm welcome from a grateful public. It, too, follows his style of a stream of consciousness, in which facts and opinions tumble out for page after entertaining page. No subject daunts him as he gallops from the Gulf War to Crufts, Aldershot FC to town centres being ripped apart by developers. He offers a human look at life as it really is, with a disingenuous style which cheerfully tells you about the travails of his family, as if it was a letter to relatives or close friends, rather than total strangers - but it works".

Surrey Herald

"His views are forthright and to the point. He writes in a chatty style. In a sense, he is the voice of middle England. A good deal of what he says you cannot disagree with. His writing gives plenty of food for thought".

Wandsworth Borough News

"In the course of this book he proves once again that he is rude, insensitive, arrogant, self-opinionated, sexist and worse - he is also very, very funny!"

animationThe Further Thoughts Of Chair Mann

What some readers say

Aldershot News

"The style is once again provocative, controversial and extremely humorous".

Comedy Writers Association U.K.

"Anthony Mann has had some considerable success with the third in a series he has self-published. I can recommend the book to other members who aspire to publishing success".

animationLast Mann Standing

What some readers say

"Just to say thank you for your latest book. We took it away with us for a week's holiday in Mallorca and the book seemed to enjoy the experience - we certainly enjoyed the book, well up to your usual standard".

"After reading one of your books my husband always starts to talk in the style in which you right and describes everyone as 'bastards'. It will wear off eventually but is another sign that he enjoyed the book. Many thanks for a few hours of indulgence". CB, Hampshire

animationThe Club

What the papers say

Railway Magazine

"I have to own up that I approached this book with the wrong attitude! Although personally not embarrassed at being a trainspotter, I expected this, involving a presumably fictitious club, to be a rather second-rate effort; I was at fault in mentally pigeon-holing the author as an 'anorak' - I could not have been further from the truth! Mel Rees proves he is a fluent, erudite, inventive writer, with an eye for detail and an ear for dialogue, which I know to be difficult to carry successfully. Some of the characters I recognise from my 40 years as a spotter, but the situations in which he places them are human, humorous and imaginative, while staying within the bounds of reality. I warmed to descriptions such as: 'they all looked the same - pasty, unfortunate faces, hidden under a camouflage of encrusted acne'. The author does not take himself too seriously and neither does he allow his characters to; there is an honesty about them that is refreshing and the interaction between club members both amusing and realistic. The people herein are fictitious but a guest appearance by David Shepherd and reference to other 'realities' such as popular records give a credence to the story which in sum is highly entertaining. I struggled to put the book down - well done, Mr. Rees".

British Railway Modelling

"Welcome to the world of a fictional Surbiton Railway Club, the hub around which Mel Rees's soap opera with a difference revolves. The author has discovered a rich vein of comic drama among the folks of The Club and a highly readable tale unfolds through a string of characters you might just recognise. There is even a guest appearance by David Shepherd, OBE, who has given his blessing and adds a further touch of authenticity to a believable story.

animationIn Bed With A. Mann, Book 1.

What some readers say

"Whilst on holiday with friends my other half read "In Bed With A. Mann" which I had bought for him as holiday reading.  He rarely reads and I noticed him with tears rolling down his face ..... I have now since read the book and it is currently with our friends who holidayed with us."  TD - Bexleyheath

"I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading your book "In Bed With A. Mann". I struggled to put it down.  I know there are a lot of people out there who feel like you - and me - and it's really nice to know there are still people to put their heads above the parapet and say what most of us think but rarely feel able to say."   SA - Lewes

"Not often that I find a book that is incisive and extremely funny at one and the same time. Thoroughly enjoyed your romp through life. Didn''t agree with everything you said but probably about 96%. Looking forward to Part 2". BJB - Hampton